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Scielutions Limited provides instruments for aerosol particles research with generation, measurements, sample conditioning and analysis. Our products include aerosol sampling and dilution systems, equipment for PM measurements, aerosol generators, cascade impactors, nano-size handheld particle analysers, collision nebulisers, fine particle measurement for a wide range of applications. 


Our clients include leading organisations within air quality, automotive and aircraft emission measurements,  combustion, R&D facilities, engineering, biomass, emissions monitoring, health & safety, bioaerosol, mining, defence, pharmaceutical, MDI & DPI development and other applications. 


We now offer leasing on most of our instruments. Please email us to for details on leasing plans and prices.

NEW Dekati® eFilter™

Gravimetric Filter Holder with Real-Time Detection














Dekati® High Resolution ELPI+™ (HR-ELPI+™)

High Resolution ELPI+ TM

Dekati® High Temperature ELPI+­™ (HT-ELPI+™) 

 Dekati® High Temperature ELPI+­™ (HT-ELPI+™)



nano Condensation Nucleus Counter 


A10 Particle Size Magnifier & A20 bCPC for detection and monitoring of particles and clusters of 1nm to 4nm in diameter with total number concentration of sub-micron aerosol particles.  

testo NanoMet3





for Airborne Particle Collection 

A new kind of airborne particle collector enables affordable, time-resolved characterization of particulate chemical composition at multiple locations. Using well-known water condensation technology similar to that developed for condensation particle counting, the SPOT SAMPLER™ collector provides uninterrupted collection of particulate matter as concentrated dry deposits into small wells, or as a suspension in a small volume of liquid. 


 Advantages include: 

  • High particle collection efficiency with no particle bounce — >95% from 5nm to 2.5μm for dry collection; >90% up to 10μm for liquid collection
  • New 3-stage condensation growth technology with minimal heating of the airflow minimizes loss of volatile constituents, reduces thermal decomposition, and maintains microorganism viability
  • Uninterrupted, time-resolved sampling from minutes to hours
  • Concentrated sample deposition with small volume extraction improves analysis sensitivity (LOD/LOQ)
  • Automation of laboratory sample handling for higher data quality and lower cost 

If you would like further information about the Spot Sampler™ or other instruments offered by Aerosol Devices Inc., please contact us directly at sales (at)