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Downloadable PDF brochures and manuals available from the links below and on the official Dekati website (PDF reader programme required e.g. Adobe Acrobat): 


Dekati® Gravimetric Filter with Real Time Detection

Dekati eFilter™

Dekati® ELPI+™ Real-time particle size distribution analyser with: 

Dekati® ELPI+™

Electrical Low Pressure Impactor 

Dekati® HR ELPI+™

High Resolution ELPI+™ 

Dekati® HT ELPI+™ 

High Temperature ELPI+™ 

Dekati® Gravimetric Impactors

Dekati® DGI

High sample flow rate cascade impactor

Dekati® PM10™ 

2 or 3 Stage PM10 Impactor

Dekati® DLPIGravimetric 15 stages Impactor

Dekati® DLPI+Gravimetric 15 stages Impactor compatible with ELPI+ Real-Time Impactor

Dekati® Sample Conditioning Systems:

Dekati® FPS-4000

Fine Particle Sampler dilution and conditioning system

Dekati® DEED

Engine Exhaust Diluter for EURO5 Regulation

Dekati® DI-1000 

Ejector Diluter for cold & hot dilution

Dekati® SAC-65 Cyclone 

EPA201A Large Particle Removal Instrument


Volatiles Removal System

Dekati® DAD-100

Axial Diluter

Dekati® Bipolar Charge Analyser 

Dekati® BOLAR

Mass Monitor Measurement System for Diesel and Gas Particle Mass and Number

Dekati® DMM

DEKATI Events in the UK & Ireland




2015 UK Dekati Seminar 

13 November 2015

Birmingham, UK 


2015 UK Dekati Seminar

21 & 24 April, 2015

Birmingham & Manchester, UK


Air Quality Emissions Conference  2015

22-23 April 2015

Telford, United Kingdom


25th Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference

10-12th December 2014

EICC - Edinburgh, UK



Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference 

11-13th December 2013

Edinburgh International Conference Centre - Edinburgh, United Kingdom


2013 Annual Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) Conference

Special Presentation by Dr. Jonna Kannosto from Dekati on DPI Charge Measurements - Net vs. Bipolar Charge - 18 & 19th June 2013 Piccadilly, London UK


AQE2013 Conference

13-14 March, 2013 

Telford, United Kingdom



Hertfordshire University, Fielder Centre, United Kingdom 

27 March, 2013


Drug Delivery to the Lungs - DDL23 : 5 – 7 December, 2012

Edinburgh, UK 

Dekati Seminar 
2nd April, 2012 
University of Bristol - Bristol, UK

Exclusive UK & Ireland

DEKATI Fine Particle Measurement Instruments

Dekati provides Fine Particle Measurement instruments for a wide range of different measurement needs; real-time particle number size distribution and total number concentration, real-time particle mass concentration, gravimetric mass size distribution, chemical composition analysis and charge size distributions. The instruments are suitable for particle detection from variety of different sources including engine exhaust, combustion emissions, air quality and pharmaceutical aerosols. 

Dekati® eFilter™ Gravimetric Filter Holder with Real-Time Detection 

• Standard gravimetric PM filter holder 

• Real-time measurement of PM accumulation on the filter 

• Both standard and gravimetric measurements integrated in one instrument 

• Fully automated operation












Dekati® ELPI+™ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor)

ELPI+™ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) is a new, improved version of the widely used and well characterized ELPI™ system. ELPI+™ enables measurement of real-time particle size distribution and concentration in the size range of 6nm - 10μm with 10Hz sampling rate. The ELPI+™ features include real-time stand-alone operation, wide sample concentration range, wide particle size range and robust structure for operation even in harsh conditions. The use of impactor technology enables post-measurement chemical analysis of size classified particles. In addition to gaining real-time particle size distribution data, the ELPI+™ can be used for real-time particle charge distribution and gravimetric impactor measurements. All these features enable the use of the ELPI+™ instrument in wide range of particle measurement applications including combustion aerosol and engine exhaust studies, pharmaceutical inhaler development, air quality monitoring and general aerosol research.

ELPI+™  features include:

  • Wide particle size range; 6nm – 10μm
  • 14 particle size fractions
  • 10Hz sampling rate
  • Possibility to collect size classified particles for chemical analysis
  • Wide operational concentration range
  • Independent stand-alone operation or control via laptop using ELPI+VI software
  • Large 7” WVGA display with graphic user interface
  • Analogue inputs and outputs

Dekati® High Resolution ELPI+

The Dekati® High Resolution ELPI+™ (HR-ELPI+™) is a completely new version of the widely used ELPI+™ instrument. The High Resolution ELPI+™ combines features of the ELPI+™ with data inversion algorithm that gives real-time particle number size distribution in up to 500 size classes 6 nm - 10 µm. This makes the High Resolution ELPI+™ a superior tool for detailed particle size distribution analysis in a broad size range that otherwise would need to be covered with two separate instruments. Other High Resolution ELPI+™ features include wide particle sample concentration range, robust structure and possibility to characterise chemical composition of the size classified particles after the real-time measurement. 

High Resolution ELPI+™ features include:

  • Wide particle size range 6 nm - 10 µm with one single instrument
  • Real-time particle number size distribution in up to 500 size classes
  • Possibility  to collect size classified particles for chemical analysis
  • Wide operational concentration range
  • Simple and robust construction
  • Insensitivity to variations in sample pressure
  • Several data saving options including analogue inputs and outputs

High Resolution ELPI+™ applications in areas including: 

  • Combustion studies
  • Air Quality measurements
  • Occupational Health and Safety Studies
  • Automotive Exhaust Measurments
  • Blow-by gas measurements
  • Nanotechnology

Dekati® High Temperature ELPI+™

The Dekati® High Temperature ELPI+­™ (HT-ELPI+™) is a new version of the Dekati® ELPI+™ that enables real-time measurement of particle size distribution from 6 nm up to 10 µm with 10 Hz sampling rate. The High Temperature ELPI+™ allows direct measurement of up to 180 °C aerosol sample without the need to cool the sample, which makes the HT-ELPI+™ a one of a king tool to characterize high temperature aerosols. Additionally, the HT-ELPI+™ has all the benefits of the Dekati® ELPI+™ system including real-time standalone operation, wide sample concentration range, wide particle size range and robust structure for operation even in harsh conditions. The use of impactor technology enables post-measurement chemical analysis of the the size classified particles. In addition, the HT-ELPI+™ can be used for real-time particle charge distribution and gravimetric measurements. All these features make the HT-ELPI+™ an ideal choice for characterization of high temperature aerosols.

High Temperature ELPI+™ features:

  • Wide particle size range; 6 nm – 10 µm with 14 size fractions
  • 10 Hz sampling rate
  • Temperature range 10 – 180 °C allowing direct measurement of high temperature aerosols
  • Possibility to collect size classified particles for chemical analysis
  • Wide operational concentration range
  • Independent operation or control via laptop using the ELPI+VI software
  • Completely reversable to a standard ELPI+™ system for low temperature applications

Typical applications for the HT- ELPI+™ include:

  • Emission measurements
  • Combustion process studies
  • Stationary source emission cleaning device development and optimisation
  • Engine emission after-treatment device development
  • On-board engine emission measurements
  • Blow-by gas emission measurements
  • Particle transformation studies and general particle research

Dekati® Dilution and Conditioning Systems 

FPS-4000 (Fine Particle Sampler) is a

guaranteed solution for diluting and
conditioning aerosol and gaseous samples for measurement instruments. The two stage dilution system features unmatched versatility with applications reaching from automotive pre- and post after treatment measurements to nucleation studies.


DEEDDekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter – DEED isan all new PMP-conform engine exhaust conditioning system. In contrast to multi-stage dilution systems in general, DEED is a simple, easy to use system that guarantees precise and repeatable results every time.


DilutersDekati® Diluter DI-1000 is a low-cost, simple and easy-to-operate device for diluting aerosol and gaseous samples from any source. The simplicity and robustness of the all stainless-steel design have made it a widely renowned choice for dilution of combustion aerosols.


Dekati® Cyclone is an EPA-standard cyclone for removal of large particles from a sample stream. The cyclone can be used in high temperatures due to the all-stainless steel construction. The Dekati® Cyclone is manufactured according to EPA standard 201A.



Dekati® Thermodenuder makes detailed studies of soot particles possible by removing volatiles from automotive exhaust. Removal of the volatiles eliminates unwanted sample transformations. The high flow rate of the instrument makes it an ideal tool for use with ELPI™ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) and DMM (Dekati® Mass Monitor), also manufactured by Dekati Ltd. 

Dekati DAD-100Dekati® Axial Diluter DAD-100 is a simple and cost-effective dilution tool for any dilution task. Especially designed for use with Dekati instruments, the DAD-100 is very simple to install into any sampling or measurement system. All-stainless steel design makes it also possible to heat the diluter up to 500°C.


DEKATI® BOLAR™ Bipolar Charge Analyzer

Unique Tool for Medical Inhaler Development

The Dekati® BOLAR™ Bipolar Charge Analyzer is a new tool to support the development of medical inhalers. This sophisticated analyzer has been designed to provide unique information about charged particles for a broad range of medical inhaler devices. Developed with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in mind, it can support developments in Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI), Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI) and nebulizers.

The BOLAR™ has been designed and developed in co-operation with a global healthcare company, Tampere University of Technology, Aerosol Physics Laboratory and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The Dekati® Bipolar Charge Analyzer measures particle bipolar charge size distribution and is the first commercial instrument capable of determining separately positively and negatively charged particles of inhalation aerosols. After the charge measurement, differently charged particles can be dissolved for analysis from the instrument collection tubes enabling determination of charge to mass ratio in different particle size fractions.

Such information is vital for medical inhalers as the charge carried by inhalation aerosols has been found to affect the device performance and lung deposition which, in turn, has a significant impact on the effectiveness of drug inhaled. The positive and negative charge levels can vary significantly between different inhaler devices depending on the materials used in the device, the device design, carrier and drug particles used in the device and operating conditions. Until now, the measurement of size classified bipolar charge levels has not been possible which makes the BOLAR™ a completely unique tool for inhaler device development. 


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